Welcome to BDMS online

Our business model at BDMS is designed and aimed at providing specialist business support services for business of all sizes and categories:

Corperate establishments  
  • New business start-ups
  • Small medium enterprise (SME)
  • Large size businesses
  • Multi-national organizations

Our services is also exteneded to non-profit making organizations

  • Religious and faith organizations 
  • Charities and community support organizations 
  • Government & public organisations
  • Social clubs/organizations  
  • Political organizations

Business managers at work

BDMS support services

  • Business plan & strategy
  • Sales management 
  • Marketing & promotions
  • Market research 

Personnel at work     

  • Business finance/loans     
  • Internet business management &  integration/online shop setup & management
  • Multi-media 
  • TV air time & production

BDMS objectives 
Our overall objective at the BDSM is providing clients with first class business support services, by developing, formulate innovative business strategies, create tailor-made individual business models and ensure successful transformations for sustainable growth and profitability.